Martin Todorov Lazarov

Sofia, Bulgaria


September 2007 – n/a New Bulgarian University, Sofia
Economics – distance learning
September 1999 – June 2004 Professional high-school of mechanical-electricity and electronics, Bourgas
Internal combustion engines


Nov 2019 – now Via, Sofia
DevOps Team Lead
Sep 2015 – Nov 2019 ChaosGroup, Sofia
DevOps Team Lead – Kubernetes advocate
June 2011 – Dec 2014 Bulgarian Innovation Projects/Duvamis, Sofia
Big Data Architect
March 2009 – June 2011 Emind LTD, Sofia
PHP web developer of high level loaded applications (SMS routing and mobile content delivering), optimization of MySQL databases, MongoDB, Memcached and RabbitMQ. System administrator (CentOS v3/4/5, RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu)
Jan. 2006 – November 2008 Investor.BG AD, Sofia
PHP web developer of high level loaded applications, optimization of MySQL databases, project manager of
June 2005 – December 2005 Bank High Sys Ltd, Sofia
PHP developer of E-municipality web based private systems
June 2004 – September 2004 CityNet Ltd, Burgas
Network integration and maintenance


Operating systems and Software Linux – CentOS, Ubuntu, CoreOS, Fedora, Slackware, Redhat, Debian, Suse
Cloud platforms: – Google Cloud, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, OpenStack
High availability system architectures using:
– Kubernetes, CoreOS, Docker
– Nginx/Lighttpd/Apache
– MySQL Clusters (MySQL Cluster, Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Galera Cluster)
– MongoDB/GridFS Clusters
– RabbitMQ Clusters
– MemcacheDB Clusters
– ElasticSearch Clusters
– Haproxy Clusters
– GlusterFS Clusters
– NodeJS
– MySQL Proxy
– KeepAlive

– Automation: Gitlab CI, Terraform, Ansible, Vagrant, Puppet, CentOS spec files
– Remote Monitoring (Munin, Zabbix, NewRelic, Stackdriver)
– ZFS, OpenVPN, iptables, Postfix, ntpd, dhcpd, tftpf, bind etc.
Windows – I have experience with all major version of windows.

Hardware System assembly, maintenance and debugging.
Networking and network support (Cisco CCNA Certificate), Juniper, Allied Telesis
Languages English(working level)
Specialties – Server virtualization technologies and cloud computing (QEMU – KVM/Xen, VirtualBox, Docker,OpenVZ)
– Automating server builds and deployments with kickstart scripts, Vagrant, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, configuration management, patching, and software deployment
– Operating, troubleshooting and optimizing common applications such as nginx/apache/lighttpd, sendmail/posfix/exim, mysql/percona/mongodb and many other.
– Web Usability, WebSite speed optimization (client and server side).

Programing experience

PHP During the years I have been involved in the development of web projects using PHP. I have created more than 60+ projects using PHP.
(X)HTML, JavaScript, CSS A major part of web development is to maintain applications that involve a significant part of front-end scripting.
Perl, bash, ruby, python Used on a regular basis mostly for the purposes of maintenance, backup, analysis and reports.
SQL, noSQL – installation
– maintenance high available databases (DB Clusters)
– troubleshooting
– optimization of queries and database structures
– 10y+ experience with MySQL, also MariaDB, PerconaDB, PostgreSQL
– 8y+ experience with non-relational databases (MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, MemcacheDB)

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies: Hiking and travel
Interests: Programming languages, Internet security, web-server optimization,
database optimization, Software and Networks Architecture, High Availability.

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Last update: 10.2019

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