WP Plugins

Here I will post info about WordPress plugins i wrote.

Google Plus Authorship -Add Google Plus Profile Picture to Google Search Results. Google authorship for multiple authors

Post Filter – Prevent from publishing posts with unwanted content/words

WP Post Links – Easy way to add unlimited permanent links after each of your posts.

Plugins – List wordpress contributor plugins and their stats.

Tyxo – Tyxo plugin allows you to easy install & config Tyxo.bg counter.

Valutni Kursove – Easiest way to show exchange rates of the Bulgarian National Bank

WP No Frames – Forces offpage frames to reload to the website homepage. This plugins fights agains web sites like Google Images

Loptix – displays a list of last posts from link sharing network Loptix.com

Hyper Cache Extended – extended version of the greatest plugin ‘Hyper Cache’

WP Delete Posts – Search posts by given keywords and delete all comments, post meta fields, and terms associated with the post

WMS Tools – the easiest way to install wms-tools.com auth code

Need plugin written especially for you? Contact me:

All plugins are OpenSource and free for use!

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