Hyper Cache Extended

Hyper Cache is the greatest ever cache plugin for WordPress, but there is some futures that I need, but are missing in the source, so I started making Hyper Cache Extended – extended and rewrited version of Hyper Cache.

The main goal of Hyper Cache is to save money to people. Specifically written for people which have their blogs on low resources hosting provider (cpu and mysql) or high loaded blogs.

To download and see the official wordpress plugin page visit this page:


– Added Enable/Disable button for auto clean process
– Added free and used disk space info
– Fixed bug with “Max Server load” default value


What is Load Average and Max server load average/Какво е Load Average и Max server load average (bg)

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  1. bob33: says:

    version 0,71 in admin after validate —–>No hacking please

    version 0.72 blank page (in site in admin)…..Super…..!

    need some improvement compatibility

  2. bob33: says:

    Hmmmmm….! test the version 0.74 ……Work ….ok
    i noticied you have enable compression—-> ok

    Thanks to ypur prompt reaction

    Need plugin written especially for you? Contact me:

  3. bob33 says:

    version 0.86 blank screen of the joice….!

    so i go to the old version 0.74

    i don ‘t know my limit server so let the field blank
    strange i see in advanced-cache.php
    $hyper_cache[‘timeout’] = 43200;

  4. Марто says:

    bob33, 0.8.6 is working. Did you try to reinstall the plugin? Deactivate it and activate it again?

    0.8.6 now includes server load limit, so the cache is served until the server load is above this limit.

    Next version will have option to deactivate/activate cache pruning.

  5. bo33 says:

    can i left the field blank : server load limit
    else where can i get the answer in php info?

  6. bob33 says:

    the first time in activation I left the field blank : Max server load average
    because i don’t know this value
    where can get it ?
    this cause blank page if field is empty

  7. Марто says:

    wow, that’s bug! Will fix it in next version.
    Thank you for the report!

    Current server load average is system value which you can see in the same screen as configuration form. It’s in “Cache status” section, right bellow “Files in cache”.
    It’s safe to specify number between 1 and 5.
    5 is the default, but I prefer to use 2.

  8. bob33 says:

    Version 0.9.1 — >Sorry but I have no blank page….! 🙂

    Work EXTRA….!

    +1 For –> the Free space

  9. Sorry, but I can not make it work: http://cl.ly/0m0T1P0n1S0y380v123O
    I have to do something else to begin caching? I already changed the cache folder permissions to 777.

  10. Марто says:

    Hi Rafael,
    it’s working – Your screenshot confirms that.

    At the bottom (source code) of the index page You can see this:

    This says “Your are seeng cached page from file 812b8f8cfd65ae7eb7e30d0f5c9f8b1e.dat, and It’s generated at 14-12-2010 06:26:04”. So yes, Hyper cache extended is working on Your blog.

  11. bob33 says:

    Working on
    WordPress Version WP 3.0.3
    PHP Version 5.2.9-1.illimite
    Server Software Apache/1.3.34 (Ubuntu) mod_vhost_online/1.2 mod_fastcgi/2.4.2

    Any chance to have some coffe machine on it for the next version …?

  12. DG says:


    Can you advise, how do I reduce the ‘wp-cron’ hits that the hyper cleaning processes are making. Its’ causing a lot of bandwith, as every hour, wp-cron is hit to clean the files.

    Is there a way to increase the ‘hourly cleaning’ to something say about a ‘day’ or ‘two’.

    Please advise.


  13. Andres Díaz says:

    Hi ( …I do not how to write your name in latin letters… ):

    Thanks for refresh this fantastic plugin and share it with all of us.

    Do you know if Hyper Cache Extended interferes with the Adsense publicity?

    Thank you.

  14. Mark says:


    Does your plugin know if the page has been updated since the cache snapshot occurred? And if so is this new page then cached and served?

    Second, It it wise to set a timeout for caching at “0”? When would this not be a good idea?

    Great plugin!

    Thank you!

  15. Kasper says:


    I get this error several times a day

    Call to undefined function is_feed() in XXXX/hyper-cache-extended/cache.php on line 237

    Can anyone help me on this

    PS. love the plugin ! I crash without it..

  16. Марто says:

    What is the version of your WordPress?
    On what page did you get this error?

  17. Марто says:

    Mark, yes the plugin marks the cache as expired, but doesn’t delete it. The cache is renewed when the user requests the page AND IF the server load is bellow the value configured in Hyper Cache Extended options.
    Setting cache timeout to “0” is ok only if the post/archive pages doesn’t change in any way. My advise is not set it to “0”.

  18. Kasper says:

    Mapro: i will try to find out – dont know which page triggers the error

  19. Kasper says:

    My version is 3.1
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  21. Noticed a small bug in your code. Once installed I was getting an error when I was trying to edit the settings. I would go to “Plugins” then under “Hyper Cache Extended” I would click on settings. Only to get this:
    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    That’s because instead of this URL:

    It should be:

    Other than that, great plugin. My site has already breathed a sigh of relief.
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  22. Марто says:

    Music Reviews, thank You for this bug report. It’s now fixed

  23. Andrés says:

    There is any way the plugin writes the cached pages in to another server (in a hosting more near to me for example)?
    I have my site on a hosting in another country and it will be helpfull if the cached pages where near to me.


  24. Марто says:

    Andrés, this can be done, but will not work better for you. It doesn’t matter where your files are located because cached files are served from your server (from where is the database and all the files). Cached files are not served directly to the browser but first processed by wordpress.

  25. DG says:

    I have got these warnings:

    Warning: disk_total_space() [function.disk-total-space]: Value too large for defined data type in /xxxx/www/wp-content/plugins/hyper-cache-extended/options.php on line 116

    Warning: disk_free_space() [function.disk-free-space]: Value too large for defined data type in /xxxxl/www/wp-content/plugins/hyper-cache-extended/options.php on line 117

    Warning: Division by zero in /xxxx/www/wp-content/plugins/hyper-cache-extended/options.php on line 119

    Please advise how do I rectify these errors, and what kind of affect these could have on the server/site?


  26. Марто says:

    DG, your PHP version isn’t compiled with large file support

    Bug #27792 https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=27792

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  28. d says:

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach()


    foreach ($hyper_cache[‘mobile_agents’] as $hyper_a) {
    if (strpos($hyper_agent, $hyper_a) !== false) {
    if (strpos($hyper_agent, ‘iphone’) || strpos($hyper_agent, ‘ipod’)) {
    return ‘iphone’;
    } else {
    return ‘pda’;

    I don’t have Detect mobile devices enable, but it’s still looking for mobile, calling function hyper_mobile_type() which is giving that error

  29. Марто says:

    d, please send me your advanced-cache.php file located in wp-content/ folder in your wordpress instalation.

  30. Tim says:

    Is it normal to get the Notice:

    Warning: Your server load is above `Max server load average` config option
    Your cache will NOT be recreated until server load goest below

    When the server load is just a .23?? Seems pretty Low to be receiving a warning.

    I was thinking it would be a value of 1-100 and would maybe give a warning when reaching 80 something..

    So its it a max value of ONE (1) .. or?? How does this work?


  31. Tim says:

    PS. I got this error as soon as I upgraded this morning to the latest Hyper cache Extended 0.9.8.

    My first time seeing any warning like this was today.


  32. Марто says:

    Tim, you have config option where you define the “Max server load average”, so you can choice the value of the setting.

    Server load average is linux related value. It’s not in percents! It’s related only how your server is loaded. As more as higher as much your server is loaded. Lower server load is better.

    The default seting of “Max server load average” value is 3.

  33. Борис says:

    ОК, но проблема с предупреждението дойде след ъпгрейда. Ползвам добавката от няколко месеца и не мога да крия – много съм доволен, но след обновяването започна да вади съобщението, че е над допустимото. При мен е на 5 и за близо 3 месеца ползване не съм имал подобни проблеми или претоварвания. Въпросът е как в период, в който ъпдейтвам по-рядко блога с постове, няма рязка промяна в трафика посещения и в общи линии всичко е почти константа изведнъж започва претоварване?

  34. Марто says:

    предупреждението ти излиза едва сега, тъй като това съобщение бе добавено в последната версия.

    Съобщението е симптом, че или сървъра ти е претоварен или настройките на Hyper Cache Extended не са както трябва. При теб този проблем е бил скрит и разбираш за него едва след като добавих съобщението в последната версия.

  35. Борис says:

    Тогава идва логичният въпрос – кои са настройките на добавката, които са както трябва? Ползвам нея, DB Cache Reloaded Fix, през хостинга съм активирал ClaudFlare, по настройките на Hyper Cache съм задал 2880 мин, натоварване до 6 (което дори е много), Cleaning process включвам само ръчно и пак го спирам, на кратко не виждам причина…Идей?

  36. Марто says:

    Борисе, “DB Cache Reloaded Fix” е излишен ако използваш Hyper Cache Exntended.

    Няма стойност, която да е валидна за всички WordPress блогове, тъй като те се намират на различни сървъри с различни ресурси.

    Това, че ти показва съобщението показва, че сървъра е по-натоварен от колкото е лимита, който си сложил.

    Какво пише в статистиката на плугина срещу “Server Load”? Всъщност кой е адреса на блога ти?
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